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Ideally people between 17 - 23 who are making choices about their future pathways, however it can be used on any individual who is not sure what their career field should be or what their unique skills are - if in doubt get in touch.


There are 4 stages which don't take long. There is a 10 minute online assessment, followed by a one hour coaching session over the telephone. This can all be set up and arranged within a few days, subject to availability. After that you have access to an online area with more materials and can reconnect for help with CV writing and personal profiles.

do I have to involve my parents/ guardians?

No, the discussion we have is confidential and the report you receive is only sent to you. We do advise that you share the output of the assessment with your parents as they can often give you an alternative view and there is an  option to include them in the set up process so that they can ensure you understand everything you need to do.

What do I actually receive?

After your coaching session you will receive your unique report along with any discussion points from your conversation. In addition, your coach may include additional articles that will help guide you more relevant to the conversation you have had.

How much does it cost?

The Retail Price of the product is £350.00, however if you have a promotional code there may be different prices available, situation dependent. Please contact us to enquire about this.

Does the purchaser have to be the person doing the assessment?

No, it may be that a parent or guardian is making the payment on your behalf which is absolutely fine.